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After launching our game, right after we open our parksave when we first try to make our way about our park we occasionally find that the keyboard is not responding. This problem occasionally occurs whether we play RCT3 in fullscreen or in windowed mode. It is a temporary problem that is easily fixed:


In the popup that displays select another icon which will take RCT3 down from being the front application displayed in Windows. Then go down to your Taskbar and click on the RCT3 icon (or click somewhere on the RCT3 display if it is in windowed mode). After you've done this RCT3 will again become the front window on display and you’ll find your keyboard now works as it should.


If there are no folders opened and no other applications running you might want to use CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up Task Manager, after which you may click on the RCT3 icon in the Taskbar (or click on the RCT3 display if it is in windowed mode). This will again bring RCT3 to the display forefront after which your keyboard will work as it should.

With the inexplicable now resolved, this annoyance will end up a minor problem.