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This list represents all the Options.txt flags we have come across over the years. Similar to the observation  made in the Cheats FAQ, it seems that not everyone offering a list of Options.txt flags provides all the known flags in one list. The purpose of including a list of these flags in our FAQ is so that all the flags can be found in one location. Please do let us know if we missed one.

Just like a cheat, an Options.txt flag is a code you enter into RCT3 to enable the game to do something it ordinarily can’t do without the flag during regular game play. The difference between a cheat and a flag is that a flag is entered in the Options.txt file prior to launching RCT3.

The use of Options.txt flags is a little more complicated than simply opening the Options.txt document and typing in the changes. The contents of Options.txt can be unstable in that depending on what one types directly into the file sometimes Options.txt will unexpectedly drop some of the data we’ve typed in. As a side note, sometimes it will rearrange the data it does not drop by moving that particular entry to another location in the written text.

For example, if you change the Options.txt settings to display in a resolution for a 2048x1556 monitor and the actual monitor connected to your computer is 1440x1080 then one of two things will happen:

   Good Scenario:

the game engine will simply replace the Options.txt resolution data of your monitor (that you typed in) with the actual resolution data of your monitor after which the game will play as regular at your actual screen resolution, or

   Not So Good Scenario:

RCT3 will not launch and will not display any error message. With nothing but a black computer screen to look at you will have to end the RCT3.exe process in Task Manager.

When RCT3 drops the entries we ourselves have typed into Options.txt possibly this is due to the game engine determining what we have typed into Options.txt is not possible to execute given our existing platform, configuration, installation, or what additional tweaks we may have additionally typed into Options.txt.

Also, some Options.txt entries are dependent on other entries already being written inside Options.txt in order to work. For example, if you type WaterDroplets into Options.txt because you want drops of water trickling off your lens when your view comes out of a body of water, you must also enable Refraction.

That the entries written inside Options.txt are sometimes dropped depending on where we type them in would also indicate some importance to the order in which we type in our tweaks inside Options.txt. It is still pretty much a mystery in what order the game engine prefers these tweaks typed.

More often than not RCT3 will drop what has been typed into Options.txt if it is possible to change those settings from within the game (e.g., LOD settings, reflective water). That would suggest that what’s been tweaked while playing the game takes priority over what the game engine finds inside Options.txt. In view of this we suggest you don’t change anything inside the Options.txt file that it is possible to change in the GUI with RCT3 launched.

It’s also a good idea to confine making Options.txt tweaks to three or four at a time and observing after each gameplay session is over which flags have remained and if the order in which you’ve typed them has changed.

When we get Options.txt tweaks to work, after we’ve done what we need to in the park and have closed RCT3 we’d do well to save a copy of our Options.txt file inside another folder in a convenient location. Along with that Options.txt file save it would help if we add images of the text both before and after launching the game so we can see the changes the game engine made to what has been typed. It will also be helpful to add a note indicating what did or didn’t work in relation to what we actually wanted to tweak; that way the next time we want to make these tweaks we can simply copy & replace in that particular Options.txt file and get expected results. Then after we’ve done with our Options.txt tweaks we can conveniently replace the altered options.txt file with the version of Options.txt that we always like to use.   

If your Options.txt file becomes corrupted, while it is possible to delete it and launch RCT3 in order to replace the default Options.txt file, before attempting any Options.txt tweaks always keep a backup copy of your Options.txt files so that they are to hand should you encounter a worst case scenario.

Options.txt edits are not possible with your installation of RCT3 if you have downloaded the version of RCT3 that you use.

After each Options.txt entry in our list we’ve put the flag values [in square brackets] that need to be entered along with the entry. Unless otherwise specified each entry needs to be flagged either with a “0” or a “1.” Where possible we’ve indicated what each flag does during game play.  In instances where we do not know what the flag does we’ve left the space after that entry blank.

Having said that’ let’s get on with our list:



May reduce flickering on some video cards.


AllowSameTrackIntersect or TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect

Use with "AttractionSceneryAllowSceneryIntersect" and "AttractionSceneryAllowTerrainIntersect" to build tracks that intersect themselves, intersect other tracks and to build rides underwater.




[detail level value 0-3]

[draw distance value 0-3]

Set the LOD options for animals.


Use with "AllowSameTrackIntersect or TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect" and "AttractionSceneryAllowTerrainIntersect" to build tracks that intersect themselves, intersect other tracks and to build rides underwater.


Enables building tracks through terrain.  Also use with "AttractionSceneryAllowSceneryIntersect" and "AllowSameTrackIntersect or TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect" to build tracks that intersect themselves, intersect other tracks and to build rides underwater.




Enable or disable auto-scrolling when the cursor is at the edge of your screen.



Set the background music to be played in the game.  To use, insert exact name of file (with extension) and keep quotes. If the music file name gets changed, this options.txt entry needs to be updated.



A glow effect will be applied to bright areas.



[0.0 to 1.0]

Set the brightness at which the game displays.


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for buildings.


[0, 1, or 2]

0 =

right mouse button: zoom and rotate

left & right buttons: move

middle mouse button: rotate & tilt

mouse wheel: tilt

1 =

right mouse button: move

left & right buttons: rotate & tilt

middle mouse button: rotate & tilt

mouse wheel: zoom

2 =

right mouse button: rotate & tilt

left & right buttons: move

middle mouse button: rotate & tilt

mouse wheel: zoom