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Some of us in the community may at times find it necessary to reinstall RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and because we've taken our back-ups seriously we have very little trouble doing so.

However, sometimes after such a reinstall we may get the following message each time we launch the game or try to access some of our game resources during game play:

Error Message: Insufficient Access Rights Illustration for FAQ

The "insufficient access rights" problem is due to the data contained in two of the files you moved over from your old system into your new system. This FAQ will help you to see if you need to make an adjustment to those files, and will explore another possibility as to why you may be experiencing this error.


The Fix:

Make sure RCT3 is not running. Go to these locations on your system:



Inside each of those folders is a file named "RCT3.fc"

Let's start with your Parks folder. Copy and paste that file so you have two files:


RCT3 - Copy.fc

On the copy, change the file extension from .fc to .txt.

Open the file as if it is a standard .txt file (double click on it or right click and select open).

Inside that file you will see the system path references that were used on your old system by RCT3 in order to access your various game files.

On your old system you may have had a different user name than you're using on your new system, or the name of the folder your files are in now may be different from the one you used to keep them in on your old system. With your .fc file opened in text editor you need to use Find/Replace (up at the top in the Edit menu) and replace all your previous system path references with your new system path references.

For example, if on your old system you were

C : \ U s e r s \ J a c k \ M y D o c u m e n t s \ R C T 3 \ P a r k s

And on your new system you are now

C : \ U s e r s \ J o h n \ D o c u m e n t s \ R C T 3 \ P a r k s

You need to replace all those Jack\My Documents references with John\Documents references. Note that inside this file there is a space between almost every character so when you type in your replacement text please be sure that you type it in this way

C : \ U s e r s \ J o h n \ D o c u m e n t s \ R C T 3 \ P a r k s

And not this way


Don't overlook the space after the word Parks .

After you've made all the changes, close the file you just changed. Move the original "RCT3.fc" file from your Parks folder to your desktop where you should put it into a new folder so you can identify it as the one you moved there from your Parks folder. Go back to your Parks folder and change the name of the file you just altered, changing it now from RCT3 - Copy.txt to RCT3.fc.

Next repeat this with the .fc file inside your Structures folder.


After Windows Vista ... Libraries

Made possible since Windows Vista by way of a new document storage system and a new set of document reference values, libraries were introduced as of Windows 7 because Microsoft observed that most individuals keep files all over their PC's in more than a single location. Often these users would want to return to a file they had created only a week prior, couldn't remember where they had stored it, and as the file hadn't been stored in any of the "special" user profile folders, the file therefore had not been indexed by the system and it was difficult to find. Libraries permit users to store files wherever they desire on their PC and give users the convenience of all their files being in a single location while making it much easier to organize, find, and edit these files.

In view of that, another reason we'll get a file permission error in RCT3 is that we've moved our files into the wrong folder when restoring our backed up files to RCT3 after re-installing the game on an upgraded platform. If we've upgraded from XP or Vista into Windows 7/8/10 you will want to be sure you've moved your RCT3 saved documents (Parks, Coasters, Structures, etc.) into

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents

and not into


Even if you have the same user name on your upgraded system as you did on your previous system, Libraries\Documents is actually a logical representation of a single folder location and not an actual location. Items placed inside Libraries\Documents are actually referenced and indexed by Windows as if they're placed in

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\Documents

So if you've made the recommended adjustments to your .fc files and you're still getting this file permission error you'd want to be sure of the location of your RCT3 Document files. To do that simply go to


And move your RCT3 folder from there to another location, e.g., your Desktop, your Downloads folder or your Favorites folder, and then move your RCT3 folder from there to

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents

Restart your system to give Windows the opportunity to make any back-of-house changes that may be necessary.

After following these steps any file permission errors should become a thing of the past.

 Author: FlightToAtlantis