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ParkCleanUp and File Compression

As much as our staff are unable to sing enough praises to Joey’s fabulous utility, in spite of it’s excellence we do need to mention one particular Park CleanUp characteristic:

When using Park CleanUp to export custom files into a zipped folder sometimes there will be an error message indicating that Park CleanUp was unable to zip particular files. After this most of us get busy determining which files they were after which we’d probably copy and paste them into the zipped folder. Eventually what will happen is during one such export it will be noticed that after getting this same “unable to zip” error message, you are suddenly unable to open some of your parks and are also getting error messages. You might even check the files named in the error messages and find that they are in fact still where they are supposed to be.

The problem seems to be that every so often when Park CleanUp can’t zip files, some of the files it attempted to zip are corrupted, seemingly as a result of the halted zipping process.

When this happens the only solution to the problem is to delete the entire contents of your Themed folder and to replace that with the contents of your backed up Themed folder. If you have not already backed up your folder then you will need to individually reinstall the CS sets listed in the error messages. If you must zip with Park CleanUp then do a backup of your RCT3 Program Files folder first.

Any time now that this author needs to export custom folders into a zipped folder the CS is copied, pasted and zipped manually, without using Park CleanUp. Again Park CleanUp is a terrific utility but this is just one of its little quirks.

Park CleanUp and The Windows Interface

We’ve mentioned on the previous page that we should use copies of our park files when working with Park CleanUp so that our original DAT’s remain safe. There are dozens of applications we may use on our PC in our day-to-day, each with its own interface through which, while opening and saving files, we’ve blithely and safely re-named, copied, pasted, and deleted Windows files just as if we were using Windows Explorer.

Park CleanUp seems to be the exception to this. When creating a copy of our park file the copy should not be made through the Park CleanUp interface but rather through the Windows Explorer interface. Copying files through Park CleanUp's Open File/Save File interface will corrupt your park file and will result in a DAT that will not open with RCT3.

The Future of Park CleanUp

Near the end of its development, suddenly in leaps and bounds it seemed Joey was making astounding progress on this indispensable utility and then, in the shape of a version 2, just as the phoenix was about to leap up from the ashes and show us there were no limitations to what this utility could do, I’m afraid MineCraft came along, caught Joey’s attention, and took him away from us.

Regretfully, no one knows at this time if Joey’s returning to our community or if there will be any further development on Park CleanUp.

Hall of Fame Special Mention

We have the highest regard for Joey and his contributions to our community through Park CleanUp which is a unique, excellent, and indispensable tool. No RCT3 community member should be without it and everyone who’s used it believes it to be the shiniest tool in our toolkit.

While the community will be eternally grateful for his contribution through this utility there are those of us who will always wonder how far Joey could have taken Park CleanUp had he remained with us.

A huge thanks to Joey for what we do have in this utility! We’re most pleased to be giving you and Park CleanUp pride of place in launching our Hall of Fame.