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This wooden coaster originated in my first RCT1 park where it was built with a footprint of 30 x 30 to fit into a specific area inside the park boundaries.

Not too long after that I decided I might like to forget about money, open a sandbox, and own all the land on the RCT1 park map. Had I originally built this coaster on a park map where I owned all the land it might well be a different coaster today. My RCT1 Woodie is the first coaster I built in which I took care to include banked turns, the first in which I thoroughly considered what layout the guests might enjoy while on the coaster, and included the highest lift hill I had built up until that time. It was about the sixth coaster I had built.

The development of RCTGL stopped when DarkHelmet suddenly passed away, so with RCT1 there was still no meaningful way to ride our coasters. Any ride experience our guests got on our tracks was entirely up to our imaginations, to guests’ thoughts & reactions when they disembarked our rides, and to that track’s statistics as displayed by our game.

Later when I got RCT2 I mirrored this track with the Track Decoder Utility so that it would look better on the terrain where I wanted to put it in my RCT2 park. Because I put this woodie on the waterside there I chose to add some 250 metres of track after the station out over the water and prior to the lift hill. That park was a 256 x 256 and because I had plenty of room to build I extended this coaster a further 250 metres at the rear on the same side of the track that I had made the waterfront extension.

After having used this track several times in various RCT2 parks it was a given when I got RCT3 that I would convert My RCT1 Woodie for use in 3-D, as a result of which I’ve further used this track in several of my RCT3 parks.

This is one of the few woodies with which the supports are an asset; when journeying on this coaster in RCT3 one feels as if he is immersed in wood and has embarked on a quest through a sea of columns and cross-beams.

Over the years this track has had several different names dependent on the theming of the park in which it has been placed. No further extensions have been made to this track since I first used it in RCT2. It gives me pleasure to include this in-game Wooden Coaster track and this brief account of its varied history in My Downloads.

My RCT1 Woodie Specifications:

Excitement: >7 (Very High)

Intensity: >8 (Very High)

Nausea: >5 (High)

Maximum Speed: 90 km/h – 56 mi/h

Average Speed: 50 km/h – 25 mi/h

Ride Time: 2:49

Ride Length: 2,361 m – 7,745 ft (1.4 mi)

Maximum Positive Vertical G's: 4.5

Maximum Negative Vertical G's: - 2.1

Maximum Lateral G's: 3.6

Total 'Air' Time: 0:31

Number of Drops: 19

Number of Inversions: 0

Highest Drop Height: 25 m – 82 ft

Footprint: 38 x 42

Cost to Build: >47,000 Currency

As downloaded My RCT1 Woodie comes with eleven six-seater wooden cars. The minimum/maximum waiting times have been set at 170 seconds which, if there are at least 66 guests waiting in your queue, will be just enough time to permit the train to leave the station full.

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