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Enjoy a frenzied rush as you lunge around this tangle of launched steelie engineering.

The Tangle Specifications:

Excitement: 141

Intensity: 9

Nausea: 6

Maximum Speed: 240mp/h (390km/h)

Average Speed: 56mp/h (90km/h)

Ride Time: 7:54

Ride Length: 7 miles (11,900m)

Maximum Positive Vertical G's: 64

Maximum Negative Vertical G's: -14

Maximum Lateral G's: 19

Total 'Air' Time: 1:57

Drops: 105

Number of Inversions: 68

Highest Drop Height: 1,370 ft (420m or 137 storeys)

Track Apex Above Ground: 660ft (203m or 66 storeys)

Track Depth Underground: -1,570ft (-480m or -157 storeys)

Footprint: 159 x 74

Cost to Build: 274,000 Currency

Coaster Type: The CodeMaster's Premier Launched Looping LSM

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This track, made from The CodeMaster's Premier Launched Looping CTR, started out as an entry in an Unrealistic Coaster Contest.

As some of the track is underground which makes it very difficult to place after selecting from the coasters menu, The Tangle comes already placed in it's own blank sandbox.

A little CS has been quickly placed about the park for an improved video presentation. There is no CS present in the park which is available for download.

If you would prefer not to view the guests embarking the coaster at the beginning of the video, the coaster leaves the station at 1:20 in the video timeline.

Custom Items Required To Open The Park:

The CodeMaster's Premier Launched Looping LSM CTR.

The park containing this track is available for download at File Transfer Database.

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