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Parchment Background Image for My Downloads: Parks and Coasters: Pool Slides & Rides: Outback River on

I've released this pool complex add-on ride which can be found in the Rides menu under Pool Slides and Rides.

Outback River Specifications:

Excitement: >4 (Medium)

Intensity: <1 (Low)

Nausea: 0

Footprint: 39 x 25

Cost to Build: >4,000 Currency

Outback River Illustration A of Download

Outback River Illustration B of Download

Outback River Illustration C of Download

Outback River is shown here with one of our newly released TexMod MakeOver Packs created ‘specially for pool complex lazy river rides.  The brown make over is shown in the images.

TexMod Lazy River MakeOver Packs and this Outback River track can be downloaded at File Transfer Database.

Download: Outback River:  Lazy River TexMod ReTextures Download Page