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Parchment Background Image for Showcase: Summer 2017 - Xistics Garden Eden on Download: File Transfer Database:

I am pleased to be able to include this set in our first Showcase! Xistics Garden Eden is a moderately sized set that comes in beautiful white and  pink marble textures. This set is most notable for its distinctive arches.

The set is made up of a few path tiles, path edging, fountains, a wall with railing, an open gazebo, a little foliage, and a modern sculpture. The sculpture appears to be made of glass and it lights up at night.

Your park guests won’t sit in the gazebo but there is a functional park bench. The set comes with shared textures.

Take a look at our Xistics Garden Eden Showcase! Video:

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: Showcase! Summer 2017: Xistics Garden Eden v3, Image 06

Xistics Garden Eden v3 is available now at File Transfer Database.